Plastic: New York 2019 plastic/new york
New York 2015 plastic/new york
Rabat plastic/rabat

Since the beginning, we have always had technology: devices and things that have allowed us to do it all better, quicker and cheaper. The engine, the astrolabe, the warplane, you know about all these things.

And of course the advent of this technology also gave rise to a leisure class that had time to think, as there were others to do the work. This class of people could just think about making more technology (more money), but they could also think about matters that were of a higher order, more metaphysical and spiritual, above and beyond the daily grind. Let us call them poetic ideas, ideas that consider our condition with perspective, insight and thought.

This body of work is, on my part, yet another riff on my engagement with the place where poetry and technology meet, using plastic bags as the metaphor. A plastic bag is of course a product of industry, the parent of technology, a symbol that is especially poignant because plastic bags are examples of waste and environmental ruin. I have taken these bags, collaged them with maps, recycled paper and text, and created abstract, poetic images from the products of technology.

Rabat, May 2015 and New York, August 2015