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This series of maps follows directly the series of airport maps that I did in 2014. In that previous series I took images of something specific, an airport, and made several drawings of different specific airports.

In this series, called Encyclopedia, my interests are more general and I have drawn one example of one different thing, for example a city. The exception is that there are two mosques drawings; the idea of mosques has been weighing heavily on me of late and it seemed fitting to reference this malaise with two different mosques. (However hard I try to explain myself, there is always an inconsistency...)

If this is indeed a series of drawings using the concept of an enclyopedia, then there could of course be many, many more drawings, a whole world of drawings, but for the moment I have chosen to stop here.

A technical aside: these drawings were made on paper that has creases and that can fold, just like a map. You never know when you might need to move with one of them.

New York City, August 2015

mosque city mosque2 highway back

Crusade      graphite on paper      32" x 44"      2015

Mosque      graphite on paper      32" x 44"    2015

City      graphite on paper      32" x 44"      2015

Mosque 2      graphite on paper      32" x 44"      2015

Highway Robbery      graphite on paper      32" x 44"      2014