The first full-length publication to provide a comprehensive overview of Moroccan ceramics, The Earth has Three Colors, traces its history from the rural domestic pottery of the indigenous peoples that inhabit the Rif Mountains, through 20th century Modernism, to the contemporary art of Marrakech. The three sections of the book center on the three different clay colors used in Morocco: indigenous red, traditional gray, and industrial white. This hardbound edition, with ten chapters, written in English with a French translation, is published for historians, collectors, ceramists and travelers: this invaluable survey brings the fascinating and previously hidden history of Moroccan ceramics into the international spotlight for the first time.

272 pages, 9” x 12” hardback with jacket
Over 200 color photographs and hand drawn maps by the author
Full color end sheets by artist Margaret Lanzetta
Published by Mazda Publishers, Costa Mesa, CA, August 2019
ISBN: 978-156859-401-9